The current crisis is impacting virtually every industry doing business worldwide in varying ways. Speedy evaluation of digital trends and search behavior is an excellent way to capitalize on change. We thought we’d share some strategies we’ve found useful and relevant in terms of Search Marketing. If you’re running your search campaigns and managing your google analytics, you’re probably wondering how best to disseminate the information you need from all this data and put it
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Media Consumption Trends During Covid-19 Pandemic   There are no playbooks for times like these, but we do know that it is essential that you stay connected to your core audience. How are you adjusting and putting your business in position to navigate the days ahead? Your messaging and method of delivery are key to keeping your brand relevant. Our best advice is to stay connected by serving others. Here’s what we’re reading: Data Usage Increases 22%
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With lightning-fast technological advances on digital devices and platforms, social media has become a high-performance marketing machine. It is vitally important for social media marketers to understand how to strategically and effectively promote content to their target audience on various social platforms. It is also important to note that these advancements in digital media enable new and exciting ways for audiences to engage with brands. An example of quick advancement in social media is the
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Your customers are on social media and you should be, too. “But how? Where do I need to be? Where do I even begin?” Let’s look at 6 simple steps to help you build a basic strategy and begin using social media to promote your business and build your brand. One: set a goal. What do you want to achieve? Are you just trying to put yourself out there and expose your brand? Do you
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Your logo is the public face of your company. It should reflect your brand’s mission, values, and visually communicate how you want to present yourself to the world. That’s a lot for a small design – but it’s achievable with the right approach. One of the most common questions we entertain regarding font choice is whether you should use a popular typeface or font for your logo. While some may argue that using popular fonts
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