Media Consumption Trends During Covid-19 Pandemic


There are no playbooks for times like these, but we do know that it is essential that you stay connected to your core audience. How are you adjusting and putting your business in position to navigate the days ahead? Your messaging and method of delivery are key to keeping your brand relevant. Our best advice is to stay connected by serving others.

Here’s what we’re reading:

Data Usage Increases

22% Increase in week-over-week web traffic

Verizon,  March 19 2020

250k New Netflix subscribers in one weekend (Mintel)

Mintel, March 2020

12% Uptick in video streams

Verizon, March 12, 2020 – March 19 2020

61.5% of sports superfans subscribe to at least one streaming service

MRI Doublebase


We’re finding:

Traffic to trusted digital publishers increases

Broadcast news remains the preferred way to get breaking news

Video streaming subscriptions and usage surge

Connected TV inventory increases

Print publications experience even more hardship

Pay walls come down and premium content is offered for free

In-person interaction needs are partially replaced by social media

Live sports viewing shifts to streaming video services and gaming