So, it’s official! I have officially been employed at Portside Advertising for almost an entire month!

Time has really flown by, and I have already learned so much about how to be successful while working in a creative agency. I will admit that a lot of what I’ve learned about working in an advertising agency is quite different from what I learned about advertising and marketing as a college student. For instance, working in an agency setting, of course, is much more hands-on than my academic experience in courses related to advertising media, journalism, and public relations. However, much of my experience as a communication student has successfully prepared me to work in advertising from an academic standpoint. I recall taking advertising copywriting as a prospective undergraduate student, and that course actually happened to be one of my favorite courses in my major. Upon completing the course, I decided I wanted to tailor my interests more toward advertising and marketing communications, which is why I chose to ultimately pursue my master’s degree in strategic communication after earning my bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. I believe my academic experiences in content writing, marketing communications, and photography are a good combination of useful experiences to aid me in being successful in my current professional role as a social media manager at Portside Advertising.

Tips for Breaking into the Competitive Job Market

I would advise individuals who wish to pursue a career in advertising to gain solid writing, communication, and design experience, if possible. Internships are definitely necessary! Additionally, a college major in communication, marketing, advertising, journalism, English, or graphic design is also beneficial. Candidates must have strong writing and communication skills, as well. Before joining the Portside Advertising team, I interned heavily. I completed several marketing communications internships at Coastal Alabama Community College, where I also previously attended and earned my associate degree. More recently, after completing a few internships at Coastal Alabama, I began teaching as an adjunct instructor of public speaking, which has offered me the perspective of observing interpersonal communication from a teacher’s point of view. More so, while attending Troy University as an undergraduate student, I wrote for the Tropolitan Newspaper, which allowed me to gain content writing experience.

As a social media manager, my primary duties consist of content writing and content management for our clients’ social media accounts. Additionally, I must have a good understanding of how to incorporate creative elements for visual appeal, which is where my public relations minor comes in very handy. I am very sufficient in using adobe software, such as InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I would advise students who are interested in pursuing a career in the advertising industry to brush up on their creative skills. Having a good eye for creative content is very important in an advertising agency.