The time has come for you to start marketing your business with video: 82% of online content will be video by the year 2022.* Yeah we get it, you don’t like to be on camera. However, videos are where online content is headed, and your business needs to be ahead of the game!

Okay, so what kind of video content should you share? Here are some ideas that can easily be produced with your smartphone:

  • Tutorials and How-to’s
  • Interviews with Customers/ Employees
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Promote Exciting Offers and Deals

One platform that’s great for marketing your business is Instagram Stories. These videos disappear after 24 hours. They are displayed in vertical format, so keep that in mind when you’re filming something that could go on your business’s story.​ Think strategically with your messaging, ask yourself: what exactly are you trying to accomplish with these videos? How can you grab the viewer’s attention? You can also download apps to keep your content fresh and fun, such as Boomerang, Tik Tok, Splice, Canva, and many more.

Here are some other helpful tips as you create your own video content and marketing:

  1. Focus on the story you’re telling, not making a sale. How many times do you see something that looks cool but realize immediately that it’s an ad? Probably a lot. Your video content needs to give your audience value. Talk WITH your audience, not AT them. (Like, if we were to say at the end of this article to call Portside for help with creating an effective video and strategy, that wouldn’t be cool, would it?)
  2. How you use the first few seconds of your video is of utmost importance. The human attention span is getting shorter and shorter so the first few seconds needs to grab the audience’s attention and let them know that your content is worth their time.
  3. Include a Call to Action. 
  4. Should you have sound in your videos? If users can watch your video without sound and still get the message, your content is even more effective.
  5. Stop. Collaborate and listen… to influencers. I’d personally like to hear about how great a product or service is from someone I know or trust, rather than an ad trying to do the same thing. An influencer, who is a well-known person in your local community, can be beneficial to marketing goals.
  6. Target the right people. Facebook has done a fantastic job with ad targeting and lets you pinpoint people to target by age, gender, location, and languages.
  7. Search search search! Billions of searches are made every single day, so make sure your video content is optimized for browser searches. When doing this, add keywords to the title of your video and add a description to your video.


*Influencer Marketing Hub